Over the years, we have performed investigations in the corporate sector in many different areas and for a diversified client base. Below are just a few examples of investigative efforts completed by our staff.

Sarbanes Oxley – We investigated several Sarbanes issues for the media sector and successfully stopped two salesmen from pursuing a fraudulent S.O. Claim after they initiated the complaint.

Due Diligence – We perform various levels of due diligence which is tailored to the customer’s needs. Our due diligence packages cover everything from criminal, civil and financial record searches to industry information on the individual/company International Information etc. Former Navy Seal and Partner Ken Cummings has developed contacts all over the world, which assist us in our global investigations.

Dishonest Employee Investigations – We have extensive experience in this area with Partner Glenn Smail who worked in the Retail Investigation Field for many years and specializes in Employee Interview / Interrogation Techniques.

SEC Investigations – We assisted several publicly traded companies in diffusing potential SEC Matters.

Infiltration by Organized Crime – Our firm assisted several companies and unions in identifying and removing organized crime before the company executives could become involved in scandals that were really present at the lower levels of management.